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Meal Delivery

Dear Timberwolf Families,

As the health and safety of our students and families continues to be at the forefront of our planning, we continue to adjust our meal delivery based on guidance from the Department of Health Services and communications with local community partners.  Please be aware that food and needed resources at food pantries, like the Sharing Center, are now plentiful. 
This letter is sent to inform you that Trevor - Wilmot Consolidated Grade School District will be changing the delivery days of meals for children after this week. 

We will continue to partner with our food service provider Taher, Dousman Bus Company, and The State Food Nutrition Program. Families are welcome to pick up meals at one of the 13 meal drop off locations.

  • The new delivery days will run on Mondays and Wednesdays starting on May 19th, 2020.  
  • Meals will be delivered on Tuesday, May 26th and again on May 27th, due to Memorial Day. 
  • Meals for children will continue to be delivered in coolers, to 13 locations throughout our school district and are designed to replace the meals available for students needing breakfast and lunch at school. 
  • One bag will now include multiple meals for days when delivery is not available. 
  • There is no charge for the meals. 

We ask that you contact our school counselor, Kelli Hutchinson if you need assistance finding resources for your family. Kelli Hutcinson’s contact information is: hutchinsonk@twc.k12.wi.us 
Melissa Cook

Meals for Children Drop off Locations:
East Bus:                                                                     West Bus:
12:02 pm 121st St & 257th Ave                   12:04 pm 104th Pl & 268th Ave 
12:06 pm 121st St & 254th Ave                   12:08 pm 110th St & 267th Ave
12:11 pm Runyard Way & 249th Ave       12:11 pm 113th St & 270th Ave 
12:13 pm 118th St & 250th Ave                  12:16 pm 107th St & 286th Ave
12:18 pm 113th St & 251st Ave                  12:18 pm 112th Pl & 286th Ave
12:25 pm 107th St & 254th Ave                  12:25 pm 111th St & 306th Ave
                                                                                         12:29 pm 117th St & 318th Ave 
Buses will return to pick up coolers from all locations within 30 minutes of drop off time.


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The Latest

Pre-Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year will start on Monday, January 27th.

This pre-registration is for children who will be 4 years old before September 1, 2020, and plan to attend the 4K Kindergarten program a Trevor-Wilmot Elementary School.

Kindergarten pre-registration is essential to help us plan for our 4K Kindergarten student classes. Please contact Mrs. Tamminga at 262-862-2356 ext. #1000 or email her to pre-register your child.